Thursday, 8 March 2007

Agloco's 100 Day Report

According to an email I received today from Agloco (aff), "[i]t is now 100 days since AGLOCO went public with its pre-launch plan to become the Internet’s first Economic Network."

Is it really only 100 days? Seems a lot longer than that.

However, the thing that really caught my eye in this email was not Agloco's 100 day birthday but rather the statement that the

Viewbar software team (now seven engineers in Shanghai) is making steady progress. - Release of the software will be announced with both an email as well as a notice on the AGLOCO website.
Previously, Agloco reported that the Viewbar would be released in March. Now, I know it's still only March 8th but it concerns me that the software team are only "making steady progress." Shouldn't such an eagerly anticipated piece of software that is scheduled to be released within 23 days be at a stage beyond "steady progress?"

I still wait with bated breath.

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