Monday, 15 January 2007

Agloco: What No-One Seems to be Mentioning About It

I've read several bloggers promoting Agloco (aff) lately, such as Joel Comm, for example. Agloco is basically a paid-to-surf program: you sign up, download some software (the "viewbar" ™) and ads are displayed while you surf the Internet. You are then paid a certain amount according to your surfing and, presumably, the ads displayed.

However, what no-one seems to be mentioning about Agloco is that it is still currently in Beta testing phase and you can't actually download the viewbar at all unless invited to do so directly. I signed up with them several weeks ago and still cannot access the viewbar. What's more, according to their site:

The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. We expect that it will start to be available to download in several weeks. It will be released to Members in the order in which Members signed up. No testers are receiving any earnings while using the Viewbar™ in this testing phase. For now, we ask you to build the community, because both you and AGLOCO make more if you grow the community.
Now, I'm sure in time Agloco will be another useful tool for earning money online but, for the time being, it appears you won't be earning a cent from it! I wonder why no-one's mentioning that.

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