Friday, 16 March 2007

February's Most Popular Posts

Well, better late than never, the most popular MoneyTies posts in February were:

  1. Alternatives to AdSense: Kontera. - My review on in-text AdSense competitor, Kontera.

  2. Joel Comm's Monthly Templates Violate AdSense Program Policies? - Discusses the reasons why AdSense guru Joel Comm's monthly templates breach AdSense's rules.

  3. AdSense Optimization: Tricks That Harm AdSense Publishers - This post looked at how much AdSense optimization is really tricking users into clicking on ads and how this can result in a lower CPC as a result of Smart Pricing.

  4. AdSense: A Bifurcated System - This post discussed how Google is willing to bend its rules for premium publishers. Note, since this post was first published, AdSense has changed some of its rules to give more flexibility to all publishers, rather than just to premium publishers.

  5. How Google Targets AdSense Ads - Discusses the factors that Google takes into account in determining which ads to display on your web site.

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