Friday, 23 February 2007

Problems with Perry Marshall's Affiliate Program: An Update

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may recall I wrote a while ago about problems I was having with AdWords guru Perry Marshall's affiliate program.

Since I wrote about it, I contacted Perry S. Marshall & Associates at the email address listed on ( in order to get their feedback on the issue.

Not surprisingly, I have heard nothing from them. That is a great shame because they used to operate a great affiliate program that was very popular with both affiliates and buyers.

I shall try contacting them once more and if I don't hear from them again, I will have no choice but to drop his affiliate program entirely.

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1 comment:

Ryan said...

I haven't noticed about the link changes (because I've never looked), but I do know that I've never gotten paid for any of the sales I've made for him. There were not many sales because I wasn't actually promoting it; I just put a review with the aff link up on my blog. But I've made some sales and had a running balance for several months, but have never been sent a check. I can't find anywhere in the control panel of his affiliate tracking page to look at paychecks or even a contact e-mail.