Thursday, 1 February 2007

January's Most Popular Posts

The most popular MoneyTies posts in January were:

  1. AdSense: A Bifurcated System - This post discussed how Google is willing to bend its rules for premium publishers. The post was mentioned on, which is where much of the traffic originated from
  2. AdSense Optimization: Tricks That Harm AdSense Publishers - This post looked at how much AdSense optimization is really tricking users into clicking on ads and how this can result in a lower CPC as a result of Smart Pricing.
  3. AdSense Nonsense: Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions - Covered the topics of CPM ads, eCPM and image ads.
  4. Effective Blogging: Stick to a Theme - Discussed the importance of a common theme in your blog in order to get targeted ads.
  5. Alternatives to AdSense: Bidvertiser - A less-than-flattering review of AdSense competitor, Bidvertiser.

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