Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Kontera Doesn't Support New Blogger

As I mentioned in a previous post about Kontera, I have been having problems implementing Kontera's code in my blogs, which use the new version of Blogger.

I wrote to Kontera about this and, along with a bit of a mixup on their part, they said to contact them again if I continued to have problems implementing their code. I did just that and I finally received a reply from them, which is bad news for New Blogger users and, in my opinion, for Kontera.

Here is the beginning of their reply:

At this time, Kontera is not providing technical support for products like . . . Blogspot . . . but a number of our publishers have written about it and there is a fair amount on the web that can offer you advice as well. (Emphasis mine.)
So, even though Blogger ("Blogspot") could potentially carry an enormous user base for Kontera, they do not seem particularly interested in ensuring their advertising program works on it but just fob you off to go find a solution elsewhere on the Web.

Thanks Kontera, for nothing.

On the basis of this, my previous rating of 6/10 has dropped to 4/10.

Update: At some time since this post was published, Kontera has started working on Blogger. I have no idea if the change occurred with Blogger or with Kontera, or both.

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Anonymous said...

I actually have a blog on blogspot as well - the issue is not related to kontera it is a bug in the blogspot template related to Java script

Roman said...

It seems that clicking the Older Posts link does not display a new page, but displays older posts on the same page. As a result, the javascript-function that checks for a fullpost-span (tech blabla) is not invoked, and the java script no matter what it is will not work. This is an issue that Google needs to address as they are hurting their own user base by not allowing JavaScript to function properly.

Ian F. said...

Interesting. The odd thing is that I've occasionally noticed one or two Kontera links actually being displayed, but few and far between. That was with the Kontera code added using an HTML/Javascript widget, which means the code isn't right before the closing body tag, which is where Kontera instructs you to put the code.


Chris said...

is this working now for kontera? how did you make yours work?


Ian F. said...

Hi Chris,

It just started working one day! I added the code using the standard Add HTML/Javascript element functionality and placed it at the end of the right hand margin.


Sharear Azam said...

same to me happening hear they told me to add manually but it doesn't work at ll.Any solution dude?