Friday, 19 January 2007

Is "Excessive Advertising" Now Allowed By AdSense Program Policies?

Prior to the January 2007 changes in the AdSense Program Policies, sites displaying Google ads were not permitted to include "excessive advertising." However, this is no longer listed in the policies as one of the things that AdSense sites may not include.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, I guess it now means that you can put as much advertising on your pages as you like, provided you adhere to the rest of the policies and the Terms and Conditions.

This may also be a response to the fact that you can now contain a lot of Google ads on a single page: 3 ad units, 1 link unit, 2 search boxes and 2 referral units per product (which gives you 8 in total). Now, given that a wide skyscraper can contain 5 ads, that gives you a potential grand total of:

15 ads
1 link unit
2 search boxes
8 referral units

which gives you 26 all together! That sounds a tad excessive to me!

However, I have a feeling that things are not quite that simple. Given that AdSense still requires Google ads to be displayed on pages that have "content," make sure that your pages have more genuine content that ads, otherwise you could find yourself in trouble.

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