Thursday, 25 January 2007

Bye-Bye eBay

I am done with eBay.

eBay used to be a great place to sell stuff and I have sold many items on eBay over the years. However, that has all changed. eBay now has a virtual monopoloy in the online auction world and its power has gone to its head. The fees that are now being charged by eBay U.K., especially when coupled with the additional fees you have to pay PayPal, which is, of course, also owned by eBay, it means that it is now no longer viable for me to sell on eBay.

So, I have closed down my eBay store and, if I ever need/want to sell anything else online, I certainly will never use eBay again unless they drop their fees by a considerable margin.

Yes, there are other online auctions but none that even comes close to having the clout that eBay has. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Bye-bye eBay.

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Kernon Dillon said...

I understand completely! When I got wind of the fee increases back in August, I closed my store immediately! It was clear to me the direction they were going. The silver lining for me was that I was days away from really stocking the store for the holiday season. It could've been a lot worse for me. It's a shame because ebay has been, quite literally, a way of life for so many people that had to end up closing their stores as well.

Oh well, it prompted me to move on to bigger and better things so, I guess there are two silver linings.

GeriBzz said...

Here, Here! I closed my store, the first time round. It just wasn't viable to sell with so much junk on there and the price they wanted for the fees. I took the loss as a win because eBay was good to me before the got greedy. I have been eBayless for 2 years and don't miss it a bit. As for Paypal, well like you said they are owned by eBay and those fees along with aucion fees were just too much.